Online Banking

MemberDirect® Online Banking. 

What if you only had time to do your banking at night?

Not a problem. You can check your account balances, pay bills, transfer funds and more – any time, from anywhere – with our safe and secure online banking service. Enjoy the convenience of 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to your personal or business accounts. You never have to wait in line or try to reach the branch before it closes. With the click of your mouse you can view your account, transfer funds, and pay all your bills online instantly.

MemberDirect® Online Banking Benefits

  • Set up is easy: Contact our credit union and we can assist you with registering. There is no need to download or install any application. And with your MemberDirect® Online Banking registration, you can easily turn on MemberDirect® Web Banking, MemberDirect® Text Banking and MemberDirect® App Banking. 
  • Peace of mind: Our numerous security features ensures your money is safe and sound.
  • It is free: There is no charge to access these features, although some transactions have transaction fees. See our service fees here
  • Use the Mobile Options when away from a computer: Once you are registered to MemberDirect® Online Banking, you can easily set up MemberDirect® Text Banking and MemberDirect® App Banking. The MemberDirect® Web Banking optimized screens will appear when you navigate your smartphone to our website. 

MemberDirect® Online Banking Registration

To sign up for MemberDirect® Online Banking, visit your local branch. Not a member? Learn about membership.

 MemberDirect® Online Banking Feature Details

  • Login: You can login using your account number and a Personal Access Code.
  • Account summary: Once logged-in, you are provided with an overview of your account holdings, including demand accounts, terms deposits, scheduled bill payments and scheduled transfers. You are also notified of any messages that are waiting for you, such as financial reminders, urgent notifications or personal messages.
  • Account details: You can view the details of your accounts, such as the interest rate, line of credit limit, maturity options, and contract information.
  • Account transaction activity You have easy access to view real-time data of your balances and all transaction history on your accounts including: Demand accounts, Term deposits, RRSP contracts, RRIF contracts, Loans, and Mortgages.
  • Transaction searches: Transactions can be searched by text, amount, confirmation number, and cheque number.
  • Transaction filters Transactions can be filtered by deposits, withdrawals, cheques, and bill payments.
  • Bill payments: Immediate, future dated and recurring bill payments are available. Multiple bills can be paid from one screen. Future dated and recurring payments can be viewed and cancelled.
  • Add and delete bill vendors Bill vendors can be easily added or deleted.
  • Stop payments: Stop payments can be set on single cheques or a range of cheques. Stop cheque requests can be viewed and cancelled.
  • Transfer between accounts: Immediate, recurring and future-dated transfers can be made between accounts.
  • Inter-customer transfers: You can transfer money to other members at our credit union.
  • View and delete scheduled transfers: Future-dated and recurring transfers can be viewed and cancelled.
  • Interac® e-transfers: An alternative to cash and cheques, Interac® e-Transfers allows you to easily and securely send money in real-time to anyone with an email address and a Canadian deposit account – without sharing any personal or financial information. To read more details click here.
  • Interest rates: You can see the interest rates for demand accounts, term deposits, and loans.
  • Change personal access code: Change your Personal Access Code or request a new one.
  • Rename an account: You can rename accounts to meet your unique needs, for example, an account called “Travel Savings” can be used to save up for their next big trip.
  • Mobile banking: You can set-up mobile banking and manage the accounts you want to have mobile access to.
  • Manage memorized accounts: You can add, delete or rename your memorized accounts.
  • Find a branch/ATM: Find our credit union’s branches and 3200 surcharge-free ATMs across Canada.

MemberDirect® Online Banking Security Features

  • Security encryption: Our credit union takes many precautions to protect your online banking environment and ensure your information is safe. Our online banking service is secured with commercial site security encryption. If you have an older browser that only supports ‘weaker’ encryption, you will need to upgrade your browser before using our online banking service.
  • Session time-out: To protect your information, your online banking session will end automatically if there has been no activity for 15 minutes.
  • Increased authentication: You have additional security and peace of mind by using our Passmark Increased Authentication. This is a leading solution that provides an additional layer of authentication using additional security questions to prevent unauthorized access and to protect against phishing attacks.
  • Memorized accounts: You can choose to have your computer remember your account number and branch number for accounts you frequently access, however, the Personal Access Code is not remembered for security reasons.
  • Enhanced security on public computers: You can choose the “enhanced security” option for optimal security when using a public computer. This option expires pages after viewing them, so that clicking the Back button does not display the previously viewed pages.
  • Self-Service procedure for lost personal access codes: You can reset lost or forgotten PACs. You can also change increased authentication questions.

  • Direct Banking Alerts: Your bank accounts can never be too safe. For added protection, we've added a feature that automatically sends you an email and/or text message to your mobile device and/or computer to alert you of certain changes to your account made through online banking. More...

®MemberDirect is a registered trademark owned by Credit Union Central of Canada, used under license.

®Interac is a registered trademark owned by Interac Inc. and is used under license.