Chequing (Transactional Accounts) services today offer much more than simply providing the opportunity to pay for goods and services or access funds by writing a cheque. Whether you want a basic, no frills account or a combination of chequing and other frequently used services, Coastal Financial Credit Union can satisfy all of your financial needs. We also offer line of credit overdraft protection on approved credit.

YOUR Transactional Account Packages

Your Basic Chequing
Suited to members who occasionally access their chequing account, and do not wish to receive interest.

Your Chequing
Suited to members who have limited chequing service requirements, and wish to accrue interest.

Your Chequing 15
Suited to members who occasionally use a broad range of chequing services.

Your Chequing 40
Suited to members who use a broad range of chequing services on a frequent basis.

Your Electronic Chequing
Suited to members who just use electronic transactions with little need for cheques.

Your Chequing Unlimited
Suited to members who wish unlimited use of a broad range of services.

Your US Chequing
Suited to members who deal regularly in U.S. Currency.

Your Senior Chequing
Suited to members 59 years of age and over.

Student Package 1
Recommended for Post Secondary Students

Student Package 2
Recommended for High School Students

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