Non-Profit Organizations

Registering the Non-Profit Organization

The principle benefit of a non-profit organization is its tax-exempt status. Make sure that you consider the criteria you will need to meet in order to become, and to remain, a registered non-profit.

Selecting the Board of Directors

Populating the board of directors is a critical step when starting your non-profit organization.

Developing a Vision

If you try to take the weight of the world on your shoulders, your organization will be in jeopardy from the start.

Developing a Constitution and Bylaws

Every organization needs to have rules. A constitution and bylaws will help establish and formalize the rules of your organization so that everyone from the Chairman of the Board to the one-time volunteer is marching to the same drum.

Protecting From Directors' Liability

Non-profit organizations have many of the same insurance needs as regular businesses.

Creating the Organizational Structure

Inefficiency is expensive, and, since the people who suffer from this expense are the people you want to help, you need to consider the structure of your non-profit carefully.

Marketing for Non-Profits

Whether you're trying to convey information to the people who need your service or getting the attention of the community to ask for their help, marketing is a vital part of any non-profit organization.

Staffing & Payroll Issues

Though you may have many volunteers, most non-profits have at least a few paid employees. As with any company, you'll need a payroll plan in place to take care of your staff.

Gaining Support for the Organization

The majority of your funding will likely come from small, individual contributions.


Most people only give money when they're asked. It's important to know who to ask, when to ask, and how to ask, if you want to be successful at raising funds for your non-profit organization.

Grants for Non-Profits

If you will be filling a vital role and have the experience necessary to do the job, your non-profit organization may be eligible for certain grants to help you get started.

Accepting Credit Card Donations

Make it easy for potential contributors to help you financially. Setting up a merchant credit card account is a simple way to achieve this.

Dissolving The Non-Profit

There may come a time when it's necessary to close down your non-profit. Whatever the reasons are, make sure that you've looked at all of your options before you cease operations.