Night Deposit

Make your deposits night or day, 24/7*.  Night deposits are located at all four local branch locations.  Deposits are credited to your account the following business day.  Night deposit bags available at each branch, ask our staff for more information.


*The placing of any wallet and/or depository bag in the depository shall not be deemed a deposit to the account of the member. The Credit Union shall be under no responsibility whatsoever in respect of any property placed in the depository but on the contrary, the use of the depository by the member or any agent of the member shall be at the sole risk of the member; and further, the Credit Union shall not be responsible for any injury, loss or damage suffered by the member or any agent of the member in using the depository or while on the premises of the Credit Union for the purpose of using or in connection with the use of the depository and the member shall indemnify the Credit Union against any loss which it may suffer, and hold the Credit Union harmless from all claims upon it or any of its officers or employees by reason or arising from the use of the depository by the member or any agent of the member. Deposits placed in a night depository are not insured until after they have been opened and verified by credit union staff. Members applying for night deposit privileges are advised to obtain their own insurance to cover items deposited in this manner.